Authors Inspired by History

Author Gwyn Headley explains his fascination with follies

House, school, hospital, church – all of these words conjure up an image but if I say ‘folly’ what do you think of? Chances are your mind has gone slightly blank. Follies are ‘misunderstood buildings’, ones without an obvious purpose and they can look however their creator wanted them to. They have been built, not through need, but purely because someone wanted to realise a dream or an ambition and it was that idea that captured the imagination of folly expert Gwyn Headley…


Author Mark Oldfield – Do baddies always wear black hats?

History is full of ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’ but do we always know who is who? Author Mark Oldfield’s novel The Sentinel is set during the Spanish Civil War when the Nationalist General Francisco Franco was in armed conflict with the Republicans. Following 30 years of visiting and working in Spain, Mark was convinced that ‘the bad guys won, the good guys lost’ but as he explains it really does depend whose side you are on…