Toad Rock at Rusthall Image Rachael Hale

Finding Toad Rock at Rusthall

For years the sign post pointing to Toad Rock in Rusthall has intrigued me but, until now, I have never managed to find out what it actually looks like. So today, I followed thousands of Victorian tourists, who travelled via the newly installed railway to see it, and took a little detour to find the crouching toad.  This is what I found…

Toad Rock at Rusthall Image Rachael Hale
Toad Rock at Rusthall Image Rachael Hale

Can you see him?  Mr Toad sitting up there in all his glory?  He’s actually made from sandstone rock originally formed during the Cretaceous period.  Layer upon layer of rock was built up and our toad was sculpted by the wind as the lower, softer layers of sandstone and mudstone, were eroded.

He’s quite an imposing sight but to the Victorian, and Georgian visitors who visited before them, he must have seemed incredible.

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