The History Magpie’s flying to Medway and Swale for new ‘Wandering Words’ project

Hello again,

I thought this news deserved something a little more than a blog post so, for the first time ever, I’ve produced a video  – fingers crossed it works!

To find out far more about the ‘Wandering Words’ project and all the other writers involved, please visit the Rochester Litfest website.

None of it would be possible without the financial backing and support of ‘Ideas Test‘ who aim to ‘increase arts participation for everyone in Swale and Medway, by supporting the growth of creativity, invention and imagination’. You can find out how they’re doing it by clicking on their link here.

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Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you soon.


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Rachael Hale (Homes and History Magpie)

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4 thoughts on “The History Magpie’s flying to Medway and Swale for new ‘Wandering Words’ project

    1. Thanks Geoff, it was a fun but nerve-wracking process. As always though I really appreciate your support. Due to the new Magna Carta exhibition starting in June I’ve been spending a lot of time in your favourite town of Faversham – especially the brewery!


  1. Thanks Katherine, I’m really excited and it’s a great excuse to act like a tourist in my home county. Absolutely loved my trips to the Guildhall Museum in Rochester and the Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre in Faversham and would totally recommend both museum to other artefact lovers. So many stories, so many blog posts to write!


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