The Winged Devils of Faversham

Gargoyle carved by William Warren webAs I ambled along Preston Street in Faversham, feeling rather relieved the family trip to the dentist had been a relatively calm experience, I happened to look up and see these two gorgeous gargoyles. I’ve admired them many times but have never stopped to look at them properly. Of course, I didn’t have my work camera with me and the sun was shining in my eyes but hopefully I’ve blown the images up enough for you to see their detailing too.

Gargoyle carved byt William Warren 2

According to the Faversham town website, The Stationery Shoppe’s beautiful Tudor frontage is actually a replica installed in the 1920’s. The gargoyles, however, were carved by William Warren, a renowned wood-carver, who also undertook commissions at the Houses of Parliament.

Clutched tightly in the gargoyles claws are the coats of arms for  Faversham and Faversham Abbey.

The Stationery Shoppe Image ©Rachael Hale (The History Magpie) 2014

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6 thoughts on “The Winged Devils of Faversham

  1. I like Faversham, used to visit a alot when we lived in Kent, have enjoyed your photos of the little devils and I must have a look when we visit again 🙂

  2. Hello Rachael, yes I’ve always noticed that carving on the stationer’s shop, they look really dramatic, but I knew nothing about their history, so thanks for filling us in.

  3. What an amazing shop front. I love the how you notice something on the high street and then find such interesting information about them. Gargoyles are creepy and kind of cute at the same time. Okay maybe not so cute!

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