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I’ve been a follower of the brilliant @ankertw and his ‘The Royal Tunbridge Wells Blog’ for a few years now. He’s one of the town’s biggest supporters and I just had to share this great story relating to his heritage plaque project with you. I can’t do that snazzy wordpress re-blog thing as he’s not on wordpress so I’ve done my own cut and paste job which will hopefully work just as well.  Fingers crossed!

As written by Anke (no, that’s not his real name and, yes, there is a story behind it but I won’t be sharing!) –

Finally I can now reveal the details of my new heritage plaque.

It will be for William Vidler, the first soldier of Tunbridge Wells to give his life in service of our country during The Great War.

Ever since I discovered the story (thanks entirely to Gareth Vidler) I thought that William deserved some recognition for his sacrifice, and now thanks to quite a bit of work and some help from the Civic Society and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, he will have some.

A couple of weeks ago Alastair Tod (Chairman of the Civic Society) and I paid a visit to 55 Nelson Road, the former home of William Vidler, to ask permission from the current owners to hang the plaque on the front of their house.

The quaint Victorian semi-detached cottage now belongs to Lisa and Ian Chappell. Lisa was home when we called, it’s no understatement to say that she was rather taken aback at our unannounced doorstep arrival. But after a brief explanation of why we were standing there, in which a mention of William’s Navy career brought a smile, we were invited inside.

Now this is where the story gets interesting…

To read the rest of the remarkable tale please visit

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