The Haunted Remains of Little Chart’s Church

I’m a big fan of Lynne’s blog -Echoes of the Past – where she shares the historical snippets and images she find on her travels. Churches hold a particular lure for her and she frequently organises outings to visit several in one day. Her camera is a constant companion, as is her husband Steve, and Lynne’s close up photos are stunning in their detail. Her latest blog details her visit to the Kentish village of Pluckley – England’s most haunted village, and the haunted remains of Little Chart’s Church and she has kindly let me post it for you here…
Many thanks Lynne.

Echoes of the Past


Earlier in the year we went to explore the famous haunted village of Pluckley in Kent, mainly the church and screaming woods, but just before we reached our destination we came upon these ruins.

DSC_0580_2 - Version 2

In fact some people think this is Pluckley, but these remains are the ruins of St Mary’s Church at Little Chart.  The church was dedicated to Saint Mary the Virgin and the Holy Rood.  The Normans built the church in the 11th century as a two cell structure, and over the years it expanded…… described as a handsome building of sandstone with two aisles, two chancels with a steeple at the west end. The steeple is said to have been built in Henry VII’s reign. The Victorians carried out major repairs in the 19th century with new windows, and oak panelling.


On one fateful evening, 16th August 1944 during WW2, the unthinkable happened, St Mary’s received…

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4 thoughts on “The Haunted Remains of Little Chart’s Church

  1. What a great re-blog. A friend of mine, originally from Kent, told me about Pluckley being the most haunted village and I was thinking of doing an post on it, I will check out Lynne’s blog!


    1. Hello Lenora, so sorry I’m not sure what happened with this posting but your comment has only just appeared. Pluckley has lots of weird and wonderful folklore related to it and a rather strange feel when you visit. It would make a fantastic post so do check out the ‘screaming woods’ and, if you feel brave, you can always go on a ghost hunt there 🙂


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