Blogging and Beyond! Writing Workshop in Canterbury, Kent

Find your writer's voice:Blogging and Beyond
Find your writer’s voice:Blogging and Beyond

I’ve never been good at blowing my own trumpet but I have been told by ‘those that matter’ that I need to mention this workshop – otherwise I’m going to be talking to a load of empty chairs!

So… on Saturday 26 October I will be co-hosting a writing workshop, with Sarah Sturt, the editor of Kent Life magazine, on community blogging and how it can help lead to writing for magazines, working in your ‘dream’ places and getting you to do things you never thought you would do. Can you tell I’m being used as the ‘case study’!

It’s a fabulous opportunity for me and I’m very grateful to have been asked to take part. It’s being chaired by Kent based author Truda Thurai and I’m hoping our personal experiences will be able to help some of you nudge a little further into the world of blogging and learn how to make it ‘pay’ in a non monetary fashion.

The workshop will run between 2.30pm and 3.30pm at The Domincan Priory, St Peters Lane, Canterbury, Kent. CT2 8DD.  It’s part of a series of writing workshops being given through the SaveAs Writers group for the Canterbury Festival and I do hope that some of you will come along to pull faces if nothing else. Tickets are £3 each and places can be booked by emailing

Look forward to seeing you there!


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